Pet Insurance Reclaim - We are here to help right the wrongs

Some pet insurance policies contain warranties and conditions. In each case, My Insurer Won't Pay will review whether it was correct for the insurer to reject or partially reject the claim and rely on a strict interpretation of the warranty or condition in question.

Where a claim has been rejected because the insurer says a policyholder has breached a warranty or condition, we will review to see whether there is a direct link between the breach and the loss the consumer has suffered. 

If a policyholder was represented by a broker, it may be that the broker should have been aware that certain facts needed to be disclosed. In these cases, we might consider it more appropriate for the policyholder to make a claim directly against the broker.

It is not an unusual occurrence and sometimes Insurance Companies do make the wrong decision.

If you have had a Pet Insurance claim either completely or partly rejected within the last 5 years, My Insurer Won’t Pay will happily review your claim.



Did you know?

Most Solicitors require large amounts of money upfront to review your claim with no guarantee of success and this money will not be returned if your case is lost. iOiN Partnership & Pet Identity UK have negotiated with a panel of expert solicitors who will review your claim and advise if you have sufficient prospects to proceed.

We will introduce you to a team of legal experts from our panel of chosen solicitors only if you decide to proceed

At the earliest opportunity, our solicitors will advise you on the value of your claim and how long it could take to settle.

You will be provided with updates on a regular basis, as appropriate from your appointed Solicitor and ourselves. We will thoroughly explain why, if for any reason, your claim cannot proceed.




Some of the reasons why an insurer rejects or partially rejects a pet insurance claim:

  • Failure to disclose material information at policy inception
  • Failure to a report a pre-existing condition
  • Pet is too old
  • Treatment costs are too high
  • Treatment / procedure not necessary
  • Failure to notify of claim within an agreed timeframe

A rejected claim means the insurer will not pay anything until they are happy that they are liable for the claim, we will therefore fight on your behalf to obtain an early admission of liability. Once the insurer has accepted liability we will then negotiate an interim payment whilst concluding your claim in full.

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