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Finally the answer to unpaid pet insurance claims in the UK

Although veterinary medicine has advanced a great deal, the cost of treatment remains overwhelming for most pet owners. Pet insurance is meant to reassure us during stressful times, and help cover costs relating to a pet’s injury, health issue or other ailment – but for many, filing a claim only leads to more stress.

The UK pet insurance market has many faults in administration and underwriting – faults that leave pet owners in financial strain when a pet insurance claim they make is rejected, 

and the pet insurance industry is rife with rejected claims.  According to the Mail Online, nearly 37% of pet insurance claims are denied. In 2016 an estimated £232,000,000 went unpaid in rejected claims, and this figure is only rising.

There are a number of reasons pet insurance claims might be rejected, including incorrect or missing information (failure to inform the insurer of a known pre-existing condition, for instance), as well as lack of due care and misinterpretation of cover terms and conditions (that is, unknowingly having contributed to the incident).

But some insurers are hiding behind poor practice ethics. 

Far too often they focus on profiting from the pet owner’s predicament. Many pet insurance policies list deceiving exclusions in small print, and some insurers ask pet owners to pay a significant portion of each claim yet fail to disclose this in advance. Others feature random exclusions that are so specific most pet owners struggle to keep up. 

Ultimately, the system is complex and misleading. And until recently, there was no way to challenge the insurance companies that deny the claims of honest, well-intentioned pet owners.

This is where My Insurer Won't Pay pet insurance reclaim legal system comes in.

Pet Identity UK have joined forces with consumer solicitor My Insurer Won’t Pay to help pet owners in need of insurance assistance – specifically those who are owed pet insurance monies in the UK. The service is meant to challenge pet insurers, and it features a no-win, no-fee-approach for pet owners whose claims have been denied. 

After conducting considerable research, Pet Identity made the decision to withdraw from the insurance support sector, and instead help all UK pet owners challenge insurance companies and their questionable trading ethics. In 2015 we began building data systems and launching processes to assist pet owners with their pet insurance policy administration. 

We created a system where vets & pet owners could look up specific cover-related information in real time, through our vet-check, policy-check system – called PREDICT – which would have helped stem the flow of rejected insurance claims.

But most pet insurance companies have been combative. Insurers said our system had no commercial value, that their investors wouldn’t approve of the technology leading to quicker paid claims and loss of long term bank interest on held monies, that their insurance house can make it complicated and expensive to challenge the failed claims and that they wouldn’t have the financial means to support every claim that came our way. 

They were wrong – the system is valuable. Pet owners should be informed of their full policy cover before they need to make a claim. Nonetheless pet insurance companies in the UK continue to fail their policyholders, rejecting the seemingly valid claims of pet owners who love their animals and trust their veterinarian.

As a former veterinary director myself, I have witnessed these issues first-hand. In addition to campaigning for change over the past several years, I have been seeking to find a legal solution to assist pet owners with the problems of cost effective challenge to their failed pet insurance  claims. Now I have found  a professional institution to help support all pet owners in their presuit of pet insurance reclaims.

Because truly, it sickens me – a dedicated pet owner and pet welfare advocate who considers dogs and cats family – to see the emotional roller coaster my fellow pet owners have been forced to ride. People shouldn’t have to scramble to finance a rejected claim whilst caring for an ill pet. No, pet owners need the support of their insurers.

Therein lies the value of our new pet insurance reclaim legal service. The joint venture between Pet Identity UK and My Insurer Won’t Pay will help to reduce the number of unpaid pet insurance claims in the United  Kingdom, and will represent the force to change the way that pet insurance companies in the UK operate and make for better practice and support of their policy holders.

Trust has eroded with pet owners taking to insurance reviews and social media forums to vent their upset and frustration, but these reviews have no impact on an industry that puts profit before animal care. 

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Your pets are family and here at Pet Identity we understand the emotional devotion pets bring to the family. We always put pet and pet owners first in everything we do, and we would like to introduce you to our trusted partners My Insurer Won't Pay solicitors.